What is AVERI ??



Yesterday there are so many friends that asking about what is averi? actually, averi was got winner award in Indonesia Information and Communication Technology Award (INAICTA) 2015.

Averi is an application, web and mobile base, and still in development until today, which has a function to detect prostitution accounts in twitter for Indonesian accounts. At the begin of averi project, the objective is how to protect our next generation (children), our family, our closest people to following or followed by bad account or something that’s not good. Then to help any government security institution to protect the prostitutes it self from any cases like tataa_chubby case which is murdered by her client, and that’s so pity.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.51.24 PM

The idea originally come from the CEO of starlabs.id how we can protect our closest people from prostitution phenomenon. Because statistics said that

  • World-wide there are estimated 40-42 million prostitutes.
  • 80 percent of the world population of prostitutes are female and range in age between 13-25.
  • The average age of someone entering into prostitution is 14 years.
  • The majority of prostitutes become addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Prostitutes and those who had managed to leave the industry faced an increased rate of death that was 200 times the rate of death for women of the same race and age range.
  • During the study, 100 prostitutes died. Their cause of death equated to the following: 19 homicides, 18, drug induced or overdose, 12 died from accidents, 9 deaths were alcohol related, and 8 died of AIDS.

If you try to search any accounts that promote other accounts that have prostitution service, you can see that several twitter accounts are teens in early school-age, and the rest are who were in the productive age. it’s so sad..

Another problem that come from this online prostitution is the place, in Indonesia we call localization for prostitution center (i don’t know how to say it hehe). Online prostitution today is not bounded by the geographic boundaries. The suspect (prostitutes) can come from anywhere to somewhere, any city just like Bandung that have a lot of hotels (middle class hotels) which is can use for (what i should call it) maybe transaction or doing something? hehe… and they don’t need any manager, they manage their self. That’s the new problem in Indonesia, because until today for people in Indonesia localization was the main issue in prostitution problem, we think that if we close the localization it was done. But the truth, today has come new problem, that is prostitution without geographic boundaries.

So start from that problems, we trying to create an application for detect some prostitution accounts start from twitter using artificial intelligence engine (machine learning) that we created by our self, then we can distribute the accounts in a map in the dashboard for information that can help any institution that maybe have authority to respond this problems.

so.. take care our self and our generation 😀

2 thoughts on “What is AVERI ??

  1. dianramadhani September 17, 2015 / 4:27 pm

    keren mas.. selamat yaa… btw, itu udah ada pihak berwenang yang mau follow up ga? hehe

    • situkangsayur September 17, 2015 / 7:28 pm

      makasih mba… hahaha belum sepertinya, sebelumnya ada sih yang menanyakan, tp sekarang belum ada kabar lagi hehehe… kita lagi nyesuain lagi aplikasinya 😀

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