What is Deep Learning ??

This article basically just a translation version of the article of deep learning previously in bahasa Indonesia.

This time I want to share about what is deep learning, at least as far as I have learned untul this day (when this article was made). Before I have tried to created a startup company that tried to implement machine learning and deep learning algorithm engine that we made (with my friend).

Many references that we can use on deep learning, especially from big companies such as google, facebook, Baidu, microsoft, amazon, nvidia and others. What was Deep Learning? how important or how valuable deep learning? especially for business, who figures that a lot of research or build deep learning? And why me and my friends want to build their own engine for machine learning before? not a lot of framework, libraries and services (especially such as azure and aws) for machine learning? (when this article was made)

I will not answer all of the questions above, because it will take time to write hahaha, I write as my fingers Moves hahaha Continue reading