What is AVERI ??



Yesterday there are so many friends that asking about what is averi? actually, averi was got winner award in Indonesia Information and Communication Technology Award (INAICTA) 2015.

Averi is an application, web and mobile base, and still in development until today, which has a function to detect prostitution accounts in twitter for Indonesian accounts. At the begin of averi project, the objective is how to protect our next generation (children), our family, our closest people to following or followed by bad account or something that’s not good. Then to help any government security institution to protect the prostitutes it self from any cases like tataa_chubby case which is murdered by her client, and that’s so pity. Continue reading

Surprisingly, INAICTA 2015 we got winner Award for RnD Category


Wah posting subuh-subuh, rencana mau tidur lebih awal gagal, karena dapet kabar mengejutkan, jauh dari perkiraan hehe. Alhamdulilllah, segala puji bagi Allah, dan Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui segala apa yang tidak kita ketahui, tadi malam, tanggal 10 tim starlabs.id mendapatkan penghargaan dari Indonesia ICT Award 2015, untuk karya kami averi yang merupakan intelligence system untuk melakukan pendeteksian dan pengenalan akun prostitusi di twitter.

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